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Rendering and Animation

In recent times, advances in technology have given a new dimension to visualization and Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI). With true-to-life renderings instilled with breathtaking details, it isn’t surprising that this specialty has become essential in not only marketing but also the product development and engineering industry. The vast capabilities of CGI and animation are not only utilized in product brochures, presentations, fliers & leaflets, product support manuals, installation guides but also play an important role in visualizing and fine-tuning form, texture, aesthetics and overall impression of a consumer product even before the first prototype is made. This enables the product and design industry to do much more with the available time and resources which in-turn speeds up the development process. In the architecture and civil industry, CGI plays a pivotal role since prototyping is not an option and scaled models can only reflect exteriors and elevations with limited amount of detail.

Our services would not be complete without this essential part of the product development process and architectural development. Our dedicated team of CGI artists and technicians, with their years of experience in working with professional architects, product designers and engineers have developed methods and techniques to produce top quality visuals and animations in a small amount of time. With workflows that cater for changes in products and projects, we ensure seamless integration between technical and CGI software to build on the available data at every stage of development without the need for starting over.

We are well acquainted with numerous CGI and animation platforms like Keyshot, 3Ds Max, Maya, Blender, Cinema 4D to provide you with the right solution for your setup.