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Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering

Many a times, especially in the production industry where equipment’s life expectancies are in decades, there comes a time when a particular equipment requires spare parts which aren’t available from the OEM because it’s gets expensive for OEMs to keep supplying spare parts for their decades old models. In this case the user is left with two options; Either upgrade their equipment to one of OEMs newer models or find another source for spare parts. Almost everyone would choose the latter option if they could. This is where reverse engineering saves a huge cost; even more when coupled with cutting edge technologies like 3D printing. Rare, obsolete or unavailable parts can be 3D scanned, reverse-engineered and then manufactured through 3D printing or casting if larger volumes are required.


Another area where reverse engineering plays a huge role is the retrofitting industry. Whether you’re looking to fit a new body kit on a vehicle or using an equipment in a situation it wasn’t designed for, reverse engineering is an important aspect of engineering.

We have diverse and creative clientele when it comes to reverse engineering. People from industries like automotive, process industry, model making and even hobbyists frequently ask for our services. The most common parts to be reverse engineered include gears, shafts, car bodies, chassis parts, pumps, motors and engine parts like valves, pistons, crankshafts and even engine blocks.

With our CAD technicians skills ranging from geometric modeling to Class-A nurbs modeling, no part is impossible to reverse engineer. With the help of 3D scanning and CAD platforms like Geomagic, we have all the right tools and experience to bring your old parts into the computing age! Reverse engineering, 3D scanning, 3D modeling, blueprint,